SIRMA Water is one of the best top selling water in Turkey. SIRMA Water comes from the forest with full of fresh air and untouched pines and through stainless steel and hygienic pipes which microbiology and chemistry tested the taste takes perfect leniency and healthy. It is controlled from the source of water to each 40 SIRMA water plants by testing its hygienic conditions. SIRMA also distributes to (The) Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Malta, UK, Greece, North Cyprus and other European Countries.


DMANI from Italy is one of the lightest and softest water in the world. It springs pure and light from an uncontaminated mountain aquifer. The water also goes through a natural purification process when mineral elements are enriched as it flows naturally through the rocks with very low mineral content .


To address our consumers' needs of having natural mineral water, we need introduced our own new Turkish brand ALTIN from organic springs of SAPANCA in Turkey.


This is our own private Brand to address the needs of our consumers with their own purchasing capacity. AQUA EMARATI is sourced from the natural ground wells of Dibba region in UAE. AQUA EMARATI in other words is ... WATER FOR ALL!!